Term 1    (current term)
This term runs from Monday February 4 to Friday April 5.

Term 2
This term will run from Monday April 29 to Friday June 28.

Term 3
This term will run from Monday July 22 to Friday September 20.

Term 4
This term will run from Monday October 14 to Friday December 6.

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These talks are open to the general public and admission is by gold coin donation. However please phone, in advance, on 9817 7736, to ensure adequate seating arrangements.
The views expressed by the presenter in these sessions and by tutors in all classes are their own views and not the official views of U3A Deepdene. Our aim is to encourage the exploration of ideas, in a relatively free environment.
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The following talks will take place every Thursday during Term 1 (2019) from 12noon to 1:15pm.

07/02/2019Fiona Patten (AO), Leader of Reason Party
Why it is important for us to have
a safe injecting facility in Richmond

14/02/2019Professor Matthew Clarke, Deakin University
Chinese aid in the Pacific, particularly
in PNG and Vanuatu: amount of aid and perceptions

21/02/2019Emeritus Professor Graeme Davison, Monash University
The Shop on the Square:
a battle for the heart of Melbourne

28/02/2019Emeritus Professor Trevor Barr, Swinburne University
ABC under siege

07/03/2019Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne, University of Melbourne
What is Australia’s current immigration and refugee policy
and why has the government adopted this?

14/03/2019Sarah Barker, Senior Counsel, Minter Ellison
Climate change – Why should I care?
A legal perspective

21/03/2019Associate Professor Tim Lynch, University of Melbourne
Is Trump right?

28/03/2019Prof. Doreen Rosenthal & Prof. Susan Moore
University of Melbourne
Women in retirement: challenges of a new life stage

04/04/2019Jonathan Thwaites, career diplomat
Australia and Canada:
taken for granted or simply underestimated?


Our program guide features a separate section devoted to Visits & Outings offered during term 1 of 2019 and the holiday break which will follow.
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‘Australia Reimagined:
Towards a More Compassionate, Less Anxious Society’
Hugh Mackay, social historian and author

Medical Research: Genetics of Prostate Cancer
Professor Damien Bolton, Melbourne University