Alston Halls
Deepdene Uniting Church, 958 Burke Road, Deepdene, 3103
(Melway 45:K7)

Public transport :
• trams 109 (Box Hill) and 72 (Camberwell)
• bus 548 (Ivanhoe)

Parking :
• On-site car park with limited parking (enter from Dale Street, off Whitehorse Road)
• Street parking in Burke Road and in Dale Street

Stradbroke Park Pavilion
Corner Harp Road and Burke Road, East Kew, 3102
(Melway 45:K4)

Public transport :
• tram 48 (Nth Balwyn), to Burke/Doncaster Rd junction, then 10 minute walk south
• bus 201, 202 (Box Hill – East Kew) and 548 (Ivanhoe)

Parking :
• Ample off street car parking (enter from Burke Road)

Balwyn Park Centre
206A Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, 3103
(Melway 46:D8)

Access to this new building in the park is on two levels with a lift between the ground floor and the Main meeting room/s.

Public transport :
• tram 109 (Box Hill) either to stop 46 at Balwyn Cinemas or to stop 47 at Balwyn Road,
then walk 100m to the venue.

Parking :
Off street car park (entrance from Whitehorse Road)
• Street parking in Whitehorse Rd, Cherry Rd and some surrounding streets

The Horrie Watson Pavilion,
Deepdene Park, 130 Whitehorse Road, Deepdene, 3103
(Melway 46:A7)

Public transport :
• tram 109 (Box Hill) to stop No 44

Parking :
• Off street parking in car park area or
• Street parking in Parkside Avenue

The Concierge
45 Banool Road, Balwyn, 3103
(Melway 46:G7)

Public transport :
• tram 109 (Box Hill) to stop 50 at Wharton St, then walk 5 minutes up Banool Rd

Parking :
• Street parking in Banool Rd

Greythorn Community Hub
2 Centre Way, Balwyn North, 3104
(near corner with Trentwood Avenue)

Public transport :
• Bus 207 (Doncaster) to stop at Greythorn Shopping Centre in Doncaster Rd,
then walk 5 minutes up to Centre Way.

Parking :
• Underground car park on site and parking in nearby streets